March Challenge 2014


Think About It Thursday - March 2014  

This month's challenge will not be differentiated by grade level.  Any grade level is free to join as we explore how the digital age has changed some of the ways  we communicate. 

We'll focus on the how postcards have changed over time and then collaborate to see how fast we can receive a postcard from all 50 states.  

Essential Question “What does a postcard communicate?”

Our host this month is Mrs Jenn Button and her students from Founders Memorial School in Essex, VT.   Mrs. Button's students would like to collect a digital postcard from students in all 50 states.  We've designed a collaborative process where we can all work on this goal together.

Mrs. Button would like to invite you and her students in a challenge to collect a student-created electronic postcard from every state. We would love the digital postcards to include 3 important facts about your state and 2 about your town in the body of your postcard.

How can you and your students participate?  
1) You can make and send an electronic postcards to this special blog we have set up to host our collection of digital postcards from the 50 states.

2) You can forward this challenge to teachers and their students from other states who might want to contribute a post card.  

Teachers from classrooms who want to participate should  complete this form.

Upon completing this form, you will receive the instructions for adding your digital postcard to this collection.

Here are some additional learning resources about postcards through the years.

History of a Postcard from the Smithsonian - for younger readers

An in depth history of postcards

Google Draw Postcard Template    (Example)