About This Project

Think About it Thursday was designed as part of the Connected Voices Project

Today's digital tools can 
  • make thinking visible
  • connect student and educator voices
  • be used to create, construct, connect, and collaborate
  • help us think more deeply, critically, and creatively
Connected Voices Think About It Thursday provides you with monthly opportunities to use today's  digital tools to connect with students and educators around prompts and mini projects in 5 categories
  • Early Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Professional Educators

On the First Thursday of the month, four new prompts will be posted.  The prompts will encourage students to THINK critically, THINK creatively, THINK more deeply.

The prompt /mini project will ask other students to take action and communicate that action using a digital age tech tool.   Actions may be could involve
  • reflecting and responding 
  • asking questions
  • collecting data
  • creating a digital artifact
  • or any other action that connects student voices and supports deep, critical, creative thinking
The prompt or mini-project can last anywhere from one day to one month.
Sign up as 
  • a host
    Host  come up with a prompt or mini project idea. Host may be educators or groups of students working under the guidance of a supervising educator.  They then work with Vita-Learn representatives publish their prompt to an available Think About It Thursday time slot.
    Host monitor the participation and actively engage and support other students and educators who are participating as collaborators
  • a collaborator
    Collaborators sign up to participate in an existing or future project.  They read and follow directions provided by the host for participation.  All student collaborators participate under the guidance of a supervising educator.  Supervising educator is responsible for media permission compliance of students in accordance with their school rules.
Code of Ethics

All participation must follow the following Code of Ethic.
  (insert a simple  statement here  Like DO NO HARM?  Be NICE??  somthing simple) about responsible use.

For more information contact

Lucie deLaBruere
Charlie Wilson
at connectedvoices@vita-learn.org

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