JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary

Think About It Thursday - High School

November 2013 Host
Mr. Bill Holiday
Brattleboro Union High School


Think About It - Prompt

Why are there so many unanswered questions in the JFK case after 50 years?

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On November 21, the day before  the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Mr. Bill Holiday will hold a LIVE conversation using Google Hangout on Aire.  Students will learn about the assassination of President Kennedy from an expert who has interviewed several eye witness.  Mr. Holiday teaches courses about this topic and will be  using  the JFK Assassination VoiceThread to present artifacts, ask questions,  and share information  about the event.  

Students will pose questions  by commenting on the VoiceThread.  If you do not have a VoiceThread account, you may pose question in the comment section of  this blog post.  (comments are moderated)

On November 21, Mr. Holiday will host a Google Hangout from  Dallas,  Texas  reporting on the 50th Anniversary Events being hosted  around President Kennedy's assassination. Mr. Holiday will use questions posted in the VoiceThread as part of a  this Google Hangout. Schools can sign up to be one of the 8 schools participating in the live Hangout  or they can participate by Hangout On Air’s using the "chat" stream.

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  1. Please post your questions for Mr. Holiday here. He will try to include as many of them in his Live Broadcast on November 21 from Dallas (the day before the JFK 50 Celebration.