National Novel Writing Month

Think About It Thursday -  Upper Elementary   

November 2013 Host
Project IGNITE librarian

Joyce Babbitt
Browns River Middle School

Think About It - Prompt

It's National Novel Writing Month! 

How many words can YOU write in a month? 

National Novel Writing Month Website

Young Writers Program

Learn more at: 


Action Desired by Collaborators

  • Sign up  to be part of National Novel Writing Month  at
  • Add your NaNo name to this Think About It Thursday Google Form to get counted as a Vermont NaNo writer
  • Add  connecting.voices as a Buddy by searching for username connected.voices in the YWP Nano site
  • Accept our Buddy Invitation 
  • Join our Connected  Voices Classroom in the NaNo site
  • Set a goal for how many words you will add to your novel this month
  • Write Write Write
  • Reach out for a Writing Boost by connecting with other classes from Vermont and beyond

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